On a cursory reading, Jason Lind‘s document may appear bewildering and nonsensical. However, if one takes the time to appreciate Jason‘s mind and work as a whole, a compelling internal consistency can be observed. This internal consistency, founded upon Jason‘s metaphysics, has some interesting parallels to various religious mystical and shamanic traditions and shares their aim: to understand the world and to improve it.

As I interpret it, the title of the document ‘Whispers,’ refers to a form of non-direct communication inherent in reality that influences individuals toward a particular end goal (or ‘telos,‘) similar to biblical revelation, though it is not an explicit dialogue between a person and a greater agency. Rather, it is more akin to reading tea leaves, or a great mind being inspired to have a great thought as they walk along a park path; reality itself whispers quietly in the ear of those capable of producing a disproportionate manifestation of change upon the world. Jason finds these whispers widely: in Doctor Who, Star Trek, Linkedin, chess, song lyrics, etc, and produces them himself.

At the foundation of Jason‘s metaphysic is the idea that the past, present and future form a singular whole which he and very few others are capable of knowing. Knowing the future, he understands how his actions in the present affect the future (and perhaps even the past.) This greater understanding leads Jason to undertake the ‘playing’ of ‘moves’ in ‘games.’ He will often describe the game he is playing as 3D chess: if normal people are only playing the game of life on a two-dimensional board, where all they can see is the present and their projections of the future, he is playing within an entirely new dimension, his present actions seeming nonsensical to those who do not have the capacity to see the extra dimension of information he is contending with. Jason‘s ‘moves’ consist of physical actions (such as the creation of a trophy with "SPACE=TIME=THOUGHT" engraved) or documents of ‘mind programs’ (as seen in this document as an inscrutable jumble of asterisks, slashes, dollar and percent signs) that influences the reader in a way that is not obvious.

Jason‘s aim is to influence the world into establishing a utopia, expressed as either the founding of Starfleet or the return of the Roman empire, though it‘s unclear how his present actions would lead to the fulfillment of his utopian vision.