On Time and Men

A formal exploration of the impact of artificial time on macroeconomics

Jason Lind, 5 September 2017 – 6 September 2017

This paper serves as the foundation to attempt formal demonstration of http://wwidew.net/alpha.


When the clock was invented the Chinese philosophers stated that Time would now rule men instead of the other way around. For almost the entirety of mankind in the industrialized world, that has become a reality whose magnitude has only intensified over time and accelerated with in the last century. The concept of nine to five is a factory invention of the early 20th century just at a time when new technology was making it possible to safely and productively exist in the dark.

This paper, while mathematically formal in nature, is also a manifesto on how the author views the correct course correction to vastly improve the quality and efficiency of life on Earth.

Mathematical Logic of the Clock

1.    The Clock Partition

2.    Real Time

The clock represents a half rotation of planet Earth, approximately, and can be expression as a partitioned set which will be hereby referred to as Gamma. Clocks by necessity tick, however in reality, time is relative and simultaneously continuous and discrete to the actor. We’re saying that actors understand that time is continuous in reality (at least we think so, it could be discrete and its just too small to messure) but effectivly treat it as discrete because they can't even approach infinity because of the constraints of not only their minds but the game itself.

Because most everyone else is playing by Gamma it is very difficult to play by Tau.

The difference between two “time streams” is represented by Theta. Real time is defined as a union over infinity of a vectored Gamma partition and referred to as Tau.


3.    Actor

THIS TEXT IS OUT OF DATE - 6 September 2017

An actor performs actions in time through space by obvious definition. We represent an actor with Alpha and the function that determines its moves in space with alpha. Time is represented as tau in this context as it is a moment and not a stream. In a meaningful game we will be looking at a stream of simultaneous non-consecutive actions whose relative order has consequences in the play; that is each actor can decide not only how to act but when. Space is notated as sigma.

In the above set notation a degree, instead of a comma, indicates that the concepts are dimensionally linked (although doesn’t notate how).


The difference between a set of omegas is he double contour integral of the